For fabrication of TPU lined woven jackets applicable for example from water supply up to Off-Shore inserts or re-lining with
diameter ranges from 1/2" to 24"
IN - LINE hose extrusion

  • TPU-choice multivendor independent in all qualities
  • inside and outside coating
  • system - tool kits with exchangeable diameter inserts for dies and calibration
  • perfect hose quality in homogeneity and distribution of the thickness
  • high meter output: 1"-4" up to 16 m/min, 4"-6" up to 6 m/min
  • operator convenience handling
  • turn-key products inclusive weaving equipment (with partners) and vulcanisation
OFF-LINE hose extrusion

- Mono - extrusion
- Co - extrusion with adhesive, without dissolver

We are partners for procedural engineering processes of Polyurethan. Converter is free in his choice of Polyurethan qualities and in the same way free to make choice of resin supplier.

We from our end recommend Desmopan supplied by Bayer AG.

·  Hose systems

·  TPU-liner extrusion and complete fire hose lines

·  Extrusion lines

·  Downstream equipment

·  Tool manufacture

·  Retrofit / Refreshing