Experience and innovation for highest quality

Mekuma GmbH is worldwide best known for the quality and efficiency of its extrusion lines for firehose liners extruded in Mono or in Co-Ex mode as seamless hoses.

Experience, Know How, innovation and permanent further development characterize the business philosophy of Mekuma GmbH.

Continuous working in the development of extrusion processes and extrusion systems guarantee the highest quality of the range of extrusion hose making in all available commodities:

- Extruded hose; seamless
- Liner-hose; seamless
- Liner-hose co-extruded; seamless
- Liner-hose implemented into woven jacket and outside coated
- DuoPent-hose (thru-the-weave)
- DuoPent-hose (thru-the-weave), coated in bi-colour and/or textured
in a wide range of commodities
- Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
- TPE in different grades
- Nitril Rubber
- DuoPent-hose with inlay earth conductor
- DuoPent hose as standard fire-fighting hose, profitability similar to liner-hoses however with the technical advantages of DuoPent
- DuoPent hoses for industrial high pressure hoses
- Competitive DuoPent hose for agricultural application with special coatings with standard pressure rigidity and reasonable high and low temperature resistance
- Low price DuoPent supply hoses for low standard application

·  Hose systems

·  TPU-liner extrusion and complete fire hose lines

·  Extrusion lines

·  Downstream equipment

·  Tool manufacture

·  Retrofit / Refreshing