The here imagined coating and laminating plant has a special history. The extruder in this plant, a strange manufacture for us, was originally inserted in a tube-extrusion-plant and was integrated than into a handmade, horizontally calendar-foil-plant. The result of this modification: 24 operating hours have been made of calendar-foil and than it was finished.
Our task:

An answer to this question: Can this plant be used for extrusion of thermoplastic Polyurethane and with which result?

Our answer: "No,...............but!"
What did we do?

Regarding mechanical engineering we:
  1. worked off the extruder and with smaller expenses we reengineered it so that it was working better than some today offered new plant.
  2. the wide-slit-die was radiated and polished and optimized in the surface in a coating proceeding which was developed by us for TPU Extrusion
  3. calendar barrels were widened, grinded, polished and especially coated for TPU-extrusion
4. Take off number I was adopted and merely integrated into the plant
5. Winder I was adopted as far as possible, widened and optically
    integrated into the plant.

Our electrical technicians reengineered and enlarged the electrical switch cabinet to take over the new integrated functions.
Subjoined have been:
  • Highness regulation for the horizontal calendar with servo-drive
  • Vertically die regulation for infusing into the barrel-slit without Neck- in
  • Heating-cooling-system
  • Wind-frame path-guidance for winder I
  • Winder I and II with adjustable winder-pulling
  • Pulling-tension-driven commodity-storage with a storage volume at maximum speed for enough changing time.
  • Large rolls winder, up to 1500 mm winding-diameter, with contact- and center drive and pulling-tension adjusted pre-pull-off

What has become of it?
Unfortunately we are not allowed to describe the product or to show it. Only one remark: "It became more than the operator ever anticipated."

To sum up
Regarding the expenses we exceeded the quotation justifying for about 5 %. Compared with a comparable new plant (not a cheap product) the whole expenses including construction and commissioning amounted only 50 %.

A customer who is content with the plant, which is descended from his machine population and who can use for an arrant new application.

·  Hose systems

·  TPU-liner extrusion and complete fire hose lines

·  Extrusion lines

·  Downstream equipment

·  Tool manufacture

·  Retrofit / Refreshing